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Reading Challenge
Reading Challenge

We are excited to announce that we will be starting a new contest in the media center this month.  Each week on Monday, Mrs. Patterson will look to see how many books each classroom has checked out for the following week. She will also look at the number of reading counts test your class has taken and passed from the following week. An average the two numbers together to get each class' number of books for the week.

First grade classes will be competing amongst themselves since they only check out one book at a time. Then second through fifth grade classes will be competing amongst each other. 

Each class has a game piece that will move on on the giant game board throughout the month. It is located outside Carter’s room. Pieces will be moved on Tuesday.

At the end of the month the first grade class with the most books and the second to fifth grade class with the most books will watch a movie and have popcorn during their media time. Each month we will start over the competition over.

We are excited to see who wins for January!  So start READING!!