Coding and Robotics Club

LCS harnessed the need for quality afterschool programming with the excitement students have for designing, building, and programming robots, offering an enrichment program with plenty of hands-on learning while still providing a platform to support the creative individuality of each student and special surprises along the way.


Valeria Sotelo, Site Coordinator

Jammin Jackets

Jammin Jackets is a program offered to ladies in 4th and 5th grades. These students practice with Ms. Graves and perform at special events throughout the year.

Gloria Graves, Site Coordinator


STRIDE is a fun fitness and running program for boys in grades 3 through 8. Boys have the chance to share their thoughts and opinions about various life topics in a safe, encouraging environment that helps them develop character, while building their running endurance to compete in a 5K.

STRIDE: Success + Teamwork + Respect + Inspiration + Determination = Excellence in Character

Marc Bryan, Site Coordinator