Summer Reading

Summer Reading
Summer Reading

Congratulations! The school year is over and it's time to look ahead. Summer can be a season full of good times and fun memories, but did you know that kids may experience learning losses when they don't read during the summer? There's actually a name for it: the summer slide (and that isn't the one at the park). To prevent that summer slide and prepare for next year we are challenging students to read three books this summer and complete a project to be turned in to his or her teacher the first week of the next school year. The project is for extra credit. These three books are part of the Elementary Battle of the Books 2019-2020 book list. It is our hope that this summer reading challenge will not only keep student's minds sharp, but will help prepare students to compete in next year's school, district, and regional competition for Battle of the Books. 

: Below you will find three books and three project choices. Students must read all three books, but only need to choose one project. The project can be completed for the book of his or her choice. These books can be checked out at the public library and will be available for summer checkout at CEES. Remember that the school closes on Fridays in the summer. 

Three Book Challenge List (read all three books) 

1. Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O'Connor 

2. Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 

3. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate 

Project Choices (choose only one project to complete for one book) 

Make a Mask

Create a mask of one of your book's main characters. The mask can be made of any materials and can be any size. The mask must be able to sit up or be hung up. The mask must reflect the character's personality. Also, the book title and character's name must be incorporated into the mask. Be creative! 

ABC Book or Quilt 

For each letter of the alphabet think of a word or short phrase that begins with that letter and is significant to your book. Create a page of a book or a square of a quilt for each word or phrase. On each page or quilt square include the alphabet letter, your word or phrase, and an illustration. Also include a page or square that displays the book title, book author, and your name. If you are creating a book, make sure you put it together as a book with a cover and title page. If you are creating a quilt, be sure to put your squares together to form the quilt. 

Book Infomercial (for the tech-heads) 

Create a three to five minute infomercial and record it. You must "sell the book". You want to entice the audience to read your book without giving away the ending. (An infomercial is an information commercial) Be sure to include the book title, author, main characters, the problems faced by the characters, and main events. Email it or share it digitally. 

We hope you will have fun reading and creating a product that shows how intelligent and creative you can be. Find a friend or two and share your books, ideas, and thoughts. We can't wait until the beginning of next school year to see all the masks, books, quilts, and infomercials. Have a great summer - play, laugh, swim, eat, and READ, READ, READ! 

Love, CEES Fourth, and Fifth Grade Teachers